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taiji Qigong
taiji and Qigong, Tao Practices
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taiji and Qigong, Taoist Meditation
About Us

Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple and Monastery

is established for dedicated practitioners of the Way.

We are a full-time monastery with a private campus, though are open to the public for sunrise and sunset Tàijí 太極 and Qìgōng 氣功 sessions.

Sitting meditation sessions and other Taoist practices are available for advancing participants.

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Community Outreach

We are also a non-profit organization aiding economically underprivileged indigenous locals.


Our projects currently provide direct, substantial, and ongoing economic support to around 200 - 250 local men, women, and children.

Additionally our emergency relief programs have provided direct support and staple foods to over 850 local families.

We also supply interest-free loans to qualified locals.


In various ways, our projects benefit the entire local community of San Marcos La Laguna, as well as the natural ecosystem of Lake Atitlán.

Qixing has also raised the funds to build houses for families in other communities in Guatemala who've lost their homes to natural disaster.


Monks and nuns farming the land of a Taoist monastery n Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


Taij meditation retreat in Lake Atitán, Guatemala, in a Tao monastery

For more information please email:


All of our work-exchange programs are currently filled by full-time residential participants.

Residency opportunities are available only for long-term participants. At this time, there are no accommodations available for short-term participants.  

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