100% of all donations goes directly toward supporting the monastery and its community bettering projects,

which are specifically conceived and developed to aid the indigenous Mayan people of San Marcos La Laguna, a low-income community in Central America.


All members of the monastery work full-time to perpetuate these projects by equitable and sustainable methods to keep income and aid flowing to those who need it most.

Since 2012, Qīxīng projects have brought million's of dollars to the people and economy of San Marcos (and elsewhere in Guatemala), dramatically improving the quality of life for the families these projects support. 

These various projects represent ongoing employment for numerous (ranging 30 - 45) local men and women who otherwise struggle to find work, and provide food, necessary home maintenance and improvements, and aid toward education and medical care of between 200 and 250 local people, who otherwise struggle to obtain these basic things that much of the world is able to take for granted. Additionally our emergency relief programs have provided direct support and staple foods to over 850 local families.


For this, our presence in San Marcos is widely supported by the local people, for which we are supremely grateful. Truly, they have become like family, and we care for one another as such.  We remain loyal and committed to the health and livelihood of the people of San Marcos la Laguna.

Qixing has also raised the funds to build houses for families in other communities in Guatemala who've lost their homes to natural disaster.

Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple is a US 501c3 non-profit organization.
Donations made to Qīxīng Tàijí TàoTemple by US Citizens are tax deductible according to US tax laws.  

Tao Temple Projects:


1. Temple School project

The Temple school is currently an alternative homeschooling school for kids who live in the Temple and for kids that live in the village.

2. Grey water treatment project

We are in process of building infrastructures to treat/clean contaminated water before it gets in the lake. Our current project is a water treatment system that resembles a natural wet land. It will soon clean one of the main channels from private homes and public streets of our side of the town.

3. Temple Medical Clinics

We are in process of building and setting up a fully equipped Medical Clinic, to provide medical services that will offer conventional medicine and a range of traditional medicine to the local population of San Marcos La Laguna and neighboring villages.
It will be affordable for the local people, and in many cases pro-bono for those in need.
When the building will be ready we will bring in volunteer doctors, specialists, nurses and therapists.


4. Barrio Uno Public Park

Land was bought in the center of barrio 1 (our closest neighborhood) and a green area will be created, as a community betterment program to bring some green to the Barrio 😊.

5. Community Betterment Apprentice Employment Project (Men/Women)

Our projects serve more than just the purpose of the aim of the project (-- as building something). We hire people from the local community who don’t necessarily have a skill, and we make sure that they learn to develop a valuable skill and trade during their time here. We invest in teaching them, and giving them on-the-job-trainings, so to give them more opportunities in finding future work.

6. Sustainable Farming and Cultivation Endeavor

We grow our own food in an ecologically sustainable way. And by doing so we are developing a model that can also be brought to our neighbors, since there is a lack of food production in San Marcos La Laguna.

7. Barrio Uno Market Stand

We want to have an abundance of organic sustainably-local-produced daily goods that can be sold for very little money to the local community, and use that to promote a healthier quality life-style. As well as donate part of the crops to the local Nutritional Center for people in need.
Eventually we would like the “Market Stand” to extend to a once a month open market of organic goods.


8. Soil Conservation Project

We are currently teaching people about how to treat their lands in ecologically sustainable ways.

9. Reforestation, Land Management and Ecological Maintenance

We are replanting trees and other specific plants that benefit the different types of soil, and regularly cleaning and trimming forested lands to maintain the health of the forests.
This way we can show people how to replenish their lands, while still being able to make a living out of it for them.  (like planting a combinations of plants that they can sell the fruits of, etc.)


10. Natural Reserves

We are making so that some forests get a Natural Reserve protected status.

11. Water Infrastructure Project

We are raising funds to help improve the potable water infrastructure. In San Marcos there are a lot of water issues stemming not from a lack of water but instead from a lack of organized infrastructure.

12. Volunteer Fire Department Project

We have yearly fires due to the dry season. The town struggles to be equipped to face the dangers of the fires. We are working on developing a system, and together with the people working at the Temple, we go out to fight the fires when needed.

13. Help to support living costs for a monk/nun,

who volunteer services operating the Temple and community betterment projects.

14. Help to develop infrastructure and guest housing

for the volunteers, which also keeps local workers employed, who generally struggle to find work.



that provide ongoing employment for under-skilled workers and help sustain basic living costs for residents of the monastery, who in turn staff the community betterment projects.


We currently farm dozens of varieties of food crops to bring to market in Guatemala.  Our aim is to produce enough food of different types to obtain a surplus that is able to feed and sustain numerous local San Marcos residents.  We project that we are 2 - 3 years from reaching this goal.

Learn more about our farming projects and products at  

Our projects include a number of sustainable farming endeavors


Our projects also include

a grey-water treatment facility


Qīxīng has currently raised and invested over $130,000 to this project, and we are currently looking for more funding to complete the project.

If you wish to help out with the construction, DONATE BELOW!

Our projects also include ongoing

construction employment and education

for under-skilled workers

in building new buildings for the monastery, which still requires several new facilities. These structures include housing and farming facilities, as well as clinic spaces for the purpose of providing free or very low-cost basic health services including psychological treatments, from US Board Certified physicians and healthcare professionals (basic healthcare and treatments are usually logistically and monetarily inaccessible for local people).


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